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The really big Big Trak

by Faye Daffarn | 10.06.2015
If you want to admit your age we’ll have a show of hands as to who remembers Big Trak ?!



I vaguely remember my brother getting far too excited about a programmable electric vehicle that sort of resembled a tank in the early 80s.  Big Trak could remember up to 16 commands (executed in sequence) plus you can add on a trailer (in a matching colour scheme!).  So all in all a pretty cool toy for the time.  And then this weekend I saw this…..


a very big Big Trak

This mega Big Trak  was designed and built by a group of local coders and engineers, realising over a pint once that the first thing they ever coded was a Big Trak, so they set out to build a man size, drive-able version.  It’s controllable either by a sit in driver or by remote control or by uploading commands to an on board raspberry pie or via a QR code generated on an iphone app.

We should all probably discuss more things over pints.