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Google’s Revolutionary Buy Button

by Kathryn Green | 28.05.2015
Can Google get any better?

It has just confirmed a quick and painless way for users to buy products they are lusting after. Google has officially confirmed the ‘buy button’! This button will give users the option to purchase a product without even having to visit another website, hopefully increasing the amount people buy online. Although Google do face fierce completion from the likes of Amazon as this is where many people start their search to buy a product.

So what are the benefits of this button you ask? Well a user can simply purchase a product in Google shopping ads that appears alongside their search results, in only 2 clicks! Making it easier, quicker and encouraging more users to buy online. It is however, still evident that 9 out of 10 purchases are still made in shops (offline).

Also, in the past year, location-based searches to help users find a product in a store close to them has doubled. Google wants to decrease these figures and get more users searching but also buying online.

However, this will only be available on mobile as Google believe smartphones and tablets are the future for e-commerce. This will encourage retailers to make their sites mobile optimised as they will be able to see the benefits of increased consumers and therefore for their company. If companies do not become mobile optimised, users may choose their competitors instead as customers expect to be able to transact safely and easily on mobile devices.

But one thing that is left to be questioned is how this will effect retailers themselves. Yes, it is great Google offering a quick and swift way for users to buy without leaving the platform but without visiting the company site will brands get enough traffic and will this affect the shopper-retailer relationship. What do you think?

A shopping button on a keyboard