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Bing playing catch up with Google – Getting Closer!

by Jonny | 20.05.2015

Bing Ads have recently released a whole new raft of features aimed at catching up with the search engine behemoth that is Google. Rather being a complete overhaul these new updates are mostly focused on campaign management and insights, speeding up the ad creation process and creating an all-inclusive search offering.

I’ve pulled out a few of the key new features that Bing are releasing and how they can be used below.

Campaign Planner: This is something that Google has been doing for a while, a way to plan and build out a campaign from humble beginnings in to the comprehensive campaign you want it to be. With insights in to competitor activity and information by vertical and keyword. This tool will also show seasonal trends and device performance, giving everything needed to start a successful campaign.

Auction Insights: Bing is finally releasing a tool showing a bit more information in to competitor activity. Gone are the days of guesswork and anecdotal evidence, replaced with real data about competitor activity, how it’s changing over time and how that might be affecting your ad performance.

App Extensions: New App Extensions in Bing Ads are not constrained to just Windows Phone apps and will change automatically based on the user’s device.
In the longer term Bing are also introducing Remarketing Lists for Search Ads, the great success of this ad on Google mean that this is a welcome addition, one that could perhaps persuade more advertisers to move their budget over and test performance.