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Eight CRO tools to assist optimisation

by David Brooks | 15.05.2015
Using insights driven from SEO & PPC, we have been helping clients optimise their landing pages since our inception. The eco system has grown and developed substantially since I first entered the industry 7 years ago, ranging from the more well known Analytics tools to the lesser known user insight tools. The following are eight key CRO tools which will help you take your landing page strategy one step further:

1.) Google Analytics
The undisputed king of free web analytics software, Google Analytics has gone from strength to strength since first launching with the most recent iteration introducing mobile app analytics. Google Analytics should always be your first port of call before beginning your optimisation journey. Using GA you are able to identify key problem pages which are reducing your website conversion rate. Remember to look out for pages with high bounce rates, low time on page & poor conversion rates.

2.) Crazy Egg
The leader in website heatmaps. Using heatmaps you can identify problem areas of specific pages of your website. This will give you an understanding of how users interact with your website.

3.) Qualaroo
Qualaroo is an in-line survey tool which will allow you to ask customers questions whilst they browse your website. This will allow you to perform fast, cost effective quantitative user research.

4.) LiveChat

LiveChat enables your sales team to speak directly with your customers whilst they browse using an in-line chat box. This can be used for both CRO research purposes & sales.

5.) SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is the most well known survey tool enabling you to further flesh our your target audience and their persona. Insights gained from these surveys can then be fed back into your landing page optimisation testing.

6.) Google Content Experiments

Formerly Google Website Optimiser, Google Content Experiments is integrated directly into Google Analytics and allows you to perform simple A/B landing page tests. You do however have to manually create the two landing pages.

7.) Optimizely

Optimizely is a widely used A/B & multivariate testing tool which pulls in your landing pages and allows you to make changes using a simple online tool. Visual website optimizer is another recommended option but at a higher premium.

8.) Unbounce

Unbounce enables you to create and publish a landing page from scratch with no previous coding knowledge required. There are also pre-set templates for particular use scenarios such as enquiry form based pages.


If you would like to discuss conversion rate optimisation in more detail feel free to email me (david.brooks(at) or phone me at 0207 033 6937