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Are you Average… or Beautiful?

by Kathryn Green | 14.04.2015
Dove continues to empower women through the influence of marketing.

Ever since the brand was set up ‘True Beauty’ has been a huge factor in their marketing scheme and this is no different in their new campaign. The message is ‘Beauty is a choice – and the power of this choice is in your hands‘. Dove strive to educate girls and women on a healthy perception and build their self-esteem, inspiring women to reach their full potential.

The new campaign, #ChooseBeautiful, was shot in five cities around the world and has gone viral. It aims to help improve a women’s confidence. On the video, Dove sets up two doors, one with the word ‘Average’ above it and a second labelled  ‘Beautiful’. It is up to each woman to choose which door to walk through and after, Dove asked why they had chosen that specific door. A huge 96% of women chose the ‘Average’ door, leaving only 4% of women who considered themselves beautiful. Many women later regretted their decision to walk through the door labelled ‘Average’ as it affected how they as a woman felt about themselves and question how others saw them.

Doing this experiment the company were able to understand the feelings and emotions of their core audience – women who are different nationalities, races, beliefs and sizes and ages. They challenged the industry to see women as they really are: beautiful in their own unique way, and were able to shatter the stereotype of the size zero, blonde perfect model.

Not only were Dove financially benefited from this campaign through an increase in sales from the large amount of press, but they were also able to present their own ethics and values as a brand. They expressed their concern about social change and how they want people to understand the value and power in true beauty promoting a positive image for the company as a whole.

So next time #ChooseBeautiful and empower yourself.