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Bing Releasing Device Targeting Changes 2015

by Kevin Bharakhda | 10.03.2015
Its official, Bing have set a date on when they are rolling out their new Device Targeting changes: March 23rd 2015! That’s right, this month!

Below is an overview of what they are going to offer in comparison to Google;


The most obvious difference from what Google released was that with Bing, bid modifiers are available to Tablet’s too, from -20% to +300%. This allows the advertiser to modify tablet bids separately from desktop.

As an old school PPC practitioner (well kind of) I remember the days when we were not forced to only add bid modifiers to all our keywords when running on mobile. Bing’s new change has allowed us to continue doing this, so mobile ads can be segmented out it into its own campaign.

Lastly, transferring Google campaigns to Bing will also get easier, as bid modifiers will transfer across with it. #winning

The only negatives from the new change is that there is less freedom with how to manage bids on tablets within the Bing interface and you can only drop bids by -20% for tablets.

This causes a bit of a headache when trying to keep down overall CPA. For example: if your conversions are higher on desktop compared to tablet, and you decide to reduce tablet bids by -20% (as this is max) to reduce the CPA, it will not have a huge effect on your overall CPA. The way around this is to reduce your bids across desktop, which will then reduce your tablet bid – although this would also reduce your desktop bids. This can be a bit long winded if tablet CPA is having a big impact on your overall CPA.

We here at Tug think this is a great step forward for Bing and it will definitely help improve campaign management.