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Google’s latest VR Experience – Google Cardboard

by Jennifer Wood | 06.03.2015
Over the last two days, Nick Beck, our CEO, and Dave Porter, Tug’s Business Director, were lucky enough to attend the Export@Google event in Dublin. Naturally, they were kind enough to bring us back some treats including Google’s latest virtual reality experience – Google Cardboard.

What is it?

Basically, this nifty creation allows you to have a virtual reality experience by combining a cardboard SDK and your mobile phone. It displays 3D scenes with binocular rendering and both tracks and reacts to head movements, allowing you to interact with apps through a magnetic button.

The first step of course is to build your cardboard SDK using a template which includes step by step instructions, like so:



After you’ve successfully folded everything into place the next step is to download the Cardboard App for Android. You can also choose from a number of other apps; from games to behind the scenes footage. You even have the opportunity to sing beside Sir Paul McCartney if you really have the urge.

Once you’ve done that, pop your phone inside the case and you’re all set! You should be left with something like this:


If you get a chance, go check it out! Right, time for me to go explore space, or maybe visit Victoria Falls, or the Kalahari, might even pop to Greenland to watch some Narwhals…