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How to Produce Amazing Content in 2015

by Eve Tyler | 21.01.2015
Although January is quickly drawing to a close and the whole ‘new-year-new-me’ thing is getting a bit old, 2015 is still in many ways a blank page, waiting to be filled with innovation. This metaphor is especially appropriate when talking about content production – this new year is the perfect opportunity to really take the time to develop a solid content strategy.

So how to put your best creative foot forward?

Always, always, always: quality over quantity. Your focus should never be on the volume of work produced, but coming up with unique, interesting concepts.

That being said, the common misconception is that all successful online media should be geared towards those with tiny attention spans. Perhaps we think that because more users are consuming content on mobile devices we feel that the material has to be equally compact? In fact, long form content marketing is alive and thriving: according to BuzzSumo, longer posts perform well in search results and  on the social web despite being accessed on a smartphone.

And in sticking to the theme of quality over quantity, there is a shift to improve what already works. While it’s important to cultivate new ideas, businesses are updating existing content that has already had significant impacts on traffic and leads.

You might be thinking at this point, okay I get it: make good stuff. But how?! Unfortunately, there’s no universal formula. But one thing to keep in mind? Think like a journalist. When formulating new ideas to try out, ask yourself the 5 W’s/1H: who, what, when, where, why, and how. This will help you stay focused on your objective, on your audience, on your method, and on your way to creating newsworthy content!

And once you start producing high-quality pieces – be it articles, infographics, or videos – you will start to gain trust with an audience. Your brand will become recognised as an authority on creative content in your given field, giving you an automatic readership and you will see more positive results.