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Facebook’s first purchase of the year

by Hannah Sinclair | 08.01.2015
Facebook, as of January 6th, has already made their first purchase of the year in the form of The exact purpose of the speech recognition start up company is unclear as of yet but largely could be used to help Facebook’s 1.35 billion users connect verbally and is thought to challenge Apple’s Siri and Google’s Voice Search. is a young company, with less than two years under their belt as it stands, however the technology has already been used by several companies for home/interior devices, apps and robots… has also made the decision to not become completely exclusive to Facebook. Through a statement they posted within their blog they declared that pairing up with Facebook will give them the opportunity to access tools and resources to take their technology to the next level. Their platform however will remain entirely open and become free to developers.

Although the deal has been confirmed by both parties neither has disclosed the price, as of yet, of Facebook’s New Year purchase.