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Eastside Educational Trust and Tug- Encouraging young Londoners digital futures.

by Zoe Harrison | 22.12.2014

This December, Tug has joined heads with a great organisation called Eastside Educational Trust. Our main aim is to provide our digital expertise and reach out to young men and women who are interested in our sector, hopefully encouraging them to choose digital as a professional path in the future.

In a nutshell, the Eastside Educational Trust support young students in London, ‘helping them develop their potential, share their talents and enrich their lives’. They focus particularly on helping kids that haven’t been given the opportunities that others may have and also reach out to those with educational needs and learning disabilities.

The variety of projects has been tremendous. From politically based activities to creative production master classes. They are network partners of the Adobe Youth Voices global programme which encourages young people’s creative confidence using advanced digital media tools and tested storytelling techniques. They support thousands of teachers and educators around London, training them in the latest Adobe software. Through this, Eastside Educational trust helped three young Londoners win Adobe Creativity scholarships which support the cost of their university tuition fees.

The trust also supports the BFI film academy, which gave young people the opportunity to experience CS6 Adobe Premier Pro, the latest in video editing software. These sorts of master classes open up new opportunities for their participants, giving them a chance to experience highly rewarding creative and digital industries and hopefully setting up goals for their future.

2014 marked Eastside’s 20th year. This was recognised with a reception at the House of Lords, co-hosted by patron Baroness Bonham-Carter. These sorts of honours truly reflect how successful and important this organisation is.

At Tug, we want to contribute to this worthy cause. Our first act is to donate iPads to the trust, giving access to technologies to those who wouldn’t normally have the opportunity. It will also give them a chance to develop valuable digital skills.

For every new like we receive on our Facebook page, we’ll put £1 towards the iPad fund. You never know, you may be contributing towards developing a talented next generation for your company!

So please like our Facebook page, and if you’re interested in finding out more about Eastside Educational Trust check out their website:

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