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The Marriage of Spotify and Uber – Your Ride. Your Music.

by Sophie Edwards | 04.12.2014

Transport to any party, event, club or dinner is often somewhat of a conundrum. Drive.. but then you can’t enjoy a drink. Hmmm, get the tube and then you can’t stay too late – does it even go to where you are heading? It’s become more and more common for people to grab an Uber.

Uber is a taxi firm which books your route via an app. This already has your card details (a little scary, but darn useful if you are lost somewhere after having your purse stolen and need a way to get home without dollar). It’s becoming very popular in London, due to it being much cheaper than getting a black cab.

Your Ride. Your Music

Even though this firm is great, as with all taxis.. the driver chooses the tunes! Imagine this… grabbing an Uber after being getting ready to go out with friends while listening to Spice Girls and One Direction (It’s a Cheesy Tuesday night) and you all bundle into your pre-ordered Uber to have your mood abruptly altered by Metallica’s album being blared for the 20 minute drive!

Well.. This is all about to change with the marriage of Uber and Spotify. You simply link your Spotify and Uber accounts and therefore when ordering a taxi also select a Spotify playlist you wish to listen to during your Uber journey. It is a personalised experience!

In the next few months it will become evident as to whether this partnership enables both brands to increase their engagement with younger audiences! Could this start a personalised revolution? Will 2015 be the year of individual targeting – adapting a brand to appeal to that one person?

All we know for now, is that we can listen to our tunes in any Uber taxi!