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3 Examples of Useful Infographics for Brand Awareness and Link acquisition

by Carlo Pandian | 10.10.2014
In the framework of an SEO campaign, content marketing is functional to build brand awareness within the targeted audience and to acquire quality backlinks that are increasing the SEO visibility. According to many speakers at the Content Marketing Show, this field is really difficult considering the amount of content is produced. At Tug, we have learnt three main guidelines in choosing and creating the content:

  • Target a specific audience
  • Provide value to the readers
  • Differentiate from the content that has been already published

Other best practices are:

  • the content must fit in the normal publishers sizes (usually 620px width max)
  • It doesn’t have to be too promotional
  • logo and sources should be included at the bottom of the infographics

We have also learnt that content requires outreach or paid promotion like Taboola to be discovered and published on online magazines, blogs and relevant sites.

Let’s review some of the infographics we stumbled across the web and consider strengths and weakness:

How to Protect Your iPhone Data From Hackers

The infographic is produced by Atech Support and provides guidelines on iPhone privacy settings. It’s really useful and released in the right timing where the press is talking extensively about data companies selling user information and the brand new iPhone 6. However, the copy contains Atech Support promotions that are preventing this piece of content to be accepted as editorial piece by bloggers and web editors. In ultimate, brand visibility could have been ensured by placing the logo at the bottom as many other firms are doing with great results on press coverage. 


50 Ways your Home can Save the Earth

The infographic is produced by Anglian Homes and provides guidelines on energy savings for the home. Therefore helps you save money while save the earth. It’s clearly appealing to green and home sites as well as money savings publishers. It resumes with simple icons 50+ blog posts so you don’t have to read them all. These sources are quoted below so you may can acquire backlinks from these. Unfortunately this infographic hasn’t been outreached much so it could have ensured better coverage and link acquisition.


Get Ahead in Business with Body Language

The infographic is produced by Gengo and provides guidelines on how to act on a pitch, with your team mates, at a interview and other commons business situations. It also shows information on the body language itself. It’s useful for the readers from current employees to graduates looking for their first job so ideally you can target business, careers and communications online publishers. It has been outreached and published on top notch sites already like Forbes, and many smaller blogs.