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Top Takeaways from Brighton SEO

by Mark Pitt | 01.10.2014


1. From Search to Personalisation – Predictions for the future of search are that Google aims to move away from a search based engine and towards personalisation. This means that Google will aim to display the appropriate information to a specific user at the appropriate time. Google is building up a vault of data to be able to do this. Google aims to know you better than yourself!

2. The borders of SEO have become far greater and for a company to truly excel their SEO team must be integrated across all departments. Even when using an agency, friendly partnerships across PR, Social and Branding teams are essential to ensure there is a coherent message being voiced to your consumers.

3. Understanding Demographics – For content to strike a chord with users it needs to voice what consumers want to hear. Use Analytics, surveys and a range of tools to understand your customer in more detail to understand what they find interesting on the web.

4. Content curation is a great method for quickly creating content from existing information. A good way to find content for curation is to search Quora, Reddit and Tumblr and set up relevant RSS feeds. Buzzsumo can give email updates on the most shared content in your market. Examples of content curation:,

5. When outreaching in multiple counties for international SEO, a region’s beliefs can influence how a piece of content is received, so should be taken into account. Create different propositions for different markets. If you don’t translate a piece of content it can easily be stolen. It’s OK to do outreach in English to foreign media.

6. SEO Post Hummingbird – Hummingbird is getting better over time and learning from user’s behaviour. Checklist SEO is dead and Google is much smarter than just reading keywords, so pages should be built around topics rather than just landing pages for one keyword. From 2013 to 2014, site speed is one of the most significant changes within Google ranking factors.