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How to Combine Your PPC and Social Media Efforts

by Mike Coleman | 23.09.2014
With Social Media Week running this week from September 22nd – 26th and social media now one of the most influential parts of any internet marketing campaign, I found it fitting to write a post on the importance of integration between both your PPC and your social media efforts. These two diverse approaches can work side by side to drive potential customers to your website, increase sales and improve your branding.

One of the key challenges with social media is figuring out how to measure success and how to tie pricing to performance.

Here are a few ways to directly use PPC and social media together:

  • Use PPC ads to direct users to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Vine, Snapchat, Linkedin or other social profiles with a strong call to action to get involved or gain some sort of benefit.
  • Raise knowledge and awareness of your social presence using PPC ads.
  • Link your PPC ads to a social media promotion, competition or giveaway.
  • Direct users from PPC ads to multimedia such as a promotional/instructive video on YouTube.
  • Use remarketing to target your desired audience to raise awareness of a particular product or promotion, driving large numbers of new users to your website or specific landing page.

Using social media and PPC together means optimising your efforts for maximum achievement – the brand awareness of social media and the immediate call-to-action of PPC.

Use social media to drive traffic to your website and use PPC to raise awareness of your social media campaigns, then recalibrate your targeting to make the most of every marketing move you make, turning traffic into conversions and broadening your audience as you do so.

Hope that helps.

Until next time.