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Benefits of Google Call Tracking for Adwords

by Mike Coleman | 10.09.2014
Last week Google announced the release of their basic call tracking solution for AdWords. Google will now show unique phone numbers on AdWords landing pages based on the visitor’s session. Basically, every visitor will see a different phone number on the AdWords landing page. What Google is offering is session-based call tracking for AdWords only. It doesn’t work for Google organic search, Google Display Network or any lead source anywhere on the web, except AdWords.

So what exactly are the pros of this? Well, they include:

  • It’s completely free
  • It works perfectly with AdWords. It is automatically integrated with AdWords and UA.
  • It is quite easy to set up
  • Keyword level call tracking for AdWords
  • Phone number appearance can be formatted to match the website design

Who should use Google Adwords Call Tracking then?

I would say small businesses spending £500/month on AdWords. If this was their only marketing spend, I would recommend using AdWords call tracking. If you’re a small business owner who likely doesn’t need all of the deep data, recordings, IVR, and routing capabilities provided by call tracking companies and if you just need to know if a call was made. If small businesses are marketing exclusively on AdWords, they should definitely use Google’s call tracking platform.

Hope that helps.

Until next time.