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Google End Image Extensions For Search Ads

by Matt | 25.07.2014
It has been revealed that Image Extensions for Google PPC Ads, which were released as a Beta in June 2013, will be bought to an end on August 1st.

These extensions provided three images above a PPC ad when in the top position, and provided a more visually engaging way for customers to interact with ads, as well as boosting page estate for Brand ads.

At Tug we had tested these extensions on a variety of accounts with different levels of success, but in the best cases these helped boost CTR for Brand keywords by around 3-5%.

No official reason has been given as to why these extensions are being discontinued, although one factor may be the somewhat difficult set-up procedure due to Google’s restrictions on the type of images that could be used which may have discouraged many advertisers.

Although Image Extensions will no longer be available for Desktop ads from August 1st Google are said to be actively investigating the possibility of serving these for Mobile in the future.