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Wordeo: the restricted creative’s best friend

by Simon Jenkins | 02.06.2014
At a time when people seem to be having sleepless nights about ‘Facebook ZERO’ the pressure is on to create engaging content. The phrase ‘engaging’ content is in itself a slight mystery. In the world of Social, the word ‘engaging’ gets passed around so much that eventually it begins to lose all meaning.

“How many of you like toast”?

That’s engaging content right? Arguably yes, as it encourages the user to respond and ‘engage’ with you. For me though ‘engaging’ content should be something that encourages the user to give you their full attention. As brands and indeed individuals fight for space on someone’s newsfeed, you don’t your content to become a blur as it’s scrolled past, you want it to steal the focus from everything else on-page. Picture the fictional stunner that walks into a bar; legs longer than an Oscars acceptance speech and hair with more volume than a pensioners TV; demanding the attention of every man, woman and child… that’s the sort of content we want!

There are no rules per se that define what form the engaging should be presented in. A blog, an image, even simple text can demand someone’s full attention; no matter how brief. However, the benchmark for content and creativity keeps getting heightened by the creative themselves… and that’s a good thing.

Is it time to look for new ways of engaging people?

I was introduced to a tool called Wordeo this week and the proverbial penny dropped. It’s a great tool for what I’d call the ‘restricted creative’ – the sort of creative that doesn’t have freedom of budget. Wordeo draws together all aspects of visual content, imagery, text and video. It’s a dangerously simple idea that allows users to create short ‘pieces’ that match your written word to ‘stock’ video. The word ‘stock’ usually conjures up images of a group of businessmen / women stood in front of a blackboard with the word “OBJECTIVES” written on it, but fear not, Wordeo is a far cry from that ‘filth’. You can then break from stock and drop in your own video, imagery or even music.

I managed to catch up with Duncan Stirling, the CEO of Wordeo who had this to say about the platform:

“Wordeo is a new app for all those people who need to say more in a message than they can in a short text or static photo with a caption.  It allows anyone to instantly create a short movie message or video postcard by matching their words to their own video and photo content as well as to HD professional quality video from the Getty video library and with their own music choice.  Its all free.

It can be as simple as a tweeting in video or as creative as a a 20 second movie trailer.  Either way Wordeo does all the hard work for you in a few seconds.

Its very simple.  Type your message out, the app matches video to the meaning of your words, you select from the choice provided or add your video or photos from your camera roll. You can even record and insert video on the fly.  Then you overlay your own music and send.

It is a much more creative and emotive way of messaging and telling short stories about what you are doing or what you are thinking.  A user can be as imaginative and creative as they want to be. 

You can send a Wordeo via the Wordeo platform or via Facebook and Twitter or email.

Soon a user will be able to draw in their content from all their social media accounts or photo stream and send out their Wordeo by SMS or via Whatsapp, Instagram, Snap Chat and any other social network and messaging platform.

Other than playing around with it (and yes, seeing what rude words it can represent through video) we haven’t put it to any real use… yet. We’re currently in the planning stages to use it for Estrella Damm, and incredibly visual brand across Social.

It’s currently on desktop and mobile (sorry Android users) although the company is in the process of building an Andriod version. Go and have a play with it. I know there are stacks of image / video based Apps that flutter in and out of our lives each week, but something about Wordeo seems a little different.