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Birds Eye Pop-up Restaurant – Pay the bill with your Pictures!

by Tug Agency | 16.05.2014
Who wants a free lunch? – That of course is a rhetorical question!

Social Media marketing campaigns can be surprising, both in a good and bad way.
I don’t know anyone who would say no to a free lunch; so already the brains behind this campaign from Birds Eye are onto a cracking idea! Birds Eye is offering a free meal to anyone who tweets or ‘Instagrams’ a picture of the meals they’re being served, at the first ‘pay-by-picture’ restaurant. Of course, there is a hashtag to add: #BirdsEyeInspirations.

This innovative marketing campaign is aiming to change the perception that people have about frozen food, and by going out and meeting their customers Birds Eye are hoping to be on the road to achieving this.

The pop-up restaurant called The Picture House opened its doors at the Ice Tank in Soho this week for 2 days (sorry – it won’t be forever!), and will also be going to Manchester and Leeds next month. Unfortunately you all missed it this week – but there’s still a chance the pop-up returns to London, if the event is successful!

So, would YOU try the Birds Eye pop-up restaurant?

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