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Kenshoo Halogen – The new predictive media optimisation tool

by James Jarrett | 11.04.2014
Tuesday 8th April, global software company Kenshoo announced the availability of their latest optimisation tool, Halogen. This new modelling engine will allow advertisers to more accurately forecast campaign potential and their ability to meet specific outlined goals and objectives.

So how does it work exactly? Kenshoo Halogen is designed to work with Kenshoo’s advanced targeting and bidding algorithms to look at past campaign performances along with a large amounts of market data to provide both forecasts and scenario plans that can automatically be applied to live campaigns.

An advertiser can then use this information through the Kenshoo interface to determine how much return could be produced from a budget increase, how much extra revenue could be raised, or simply how much potential a campaign and/or portfolio has.

Aside from its modelling accuracy (the main USP of the tool), Kenshoo state there are other advantages this new tool will bring to advertisers. Based on a beta testing across over 90 marketing plans, Halogen helped:

  • increase revenue by over 50%
  • increase digital marketing investments by 36%
  • Reduction of ‘man-hours’ spent on analysing budgets by up to 20%

Halogen is now available to all Kenshoo clients and includes a growing set of tools for forecasting and scenario planning.