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The world wide web turns 25

by Ben Romberg | 10.03.2014
The World Wide Web turned 25 years old this weekend and in the years since it was invented by Tim Berner’s-Lee, it has fundamentally changed humanity and our relationship with technology. The Guardian’s Technology section detailed a list of  25 things that you might not know about the web to celebrate.

They including the following interesting facts:

  • The web is not to be confused with the Internet – the two are separate entities although they often get confused
  • The web only works when it is free and open but many of the things built on the web are however, neither free nor open
  • Tim Berner’s Lee is Gutenberg’s true heir after inventing the web, however when he first proposed the idea to his manager the feedback was “vague, but interesting”

You can read the full list of facts by clicking here.