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Facebook rolls out Re-targeting

by James Jarrett | 07.03.2014
This exciting new feature is an expansion of Custom Audiences that allows advertisers to re-target users who visited a Website or Mobile App. An advertiser can re-target customers regardless of their original touch point on both mobile and desktop with any type of ad available on the platform.

For example if you were an online shoe retailer, when visitors reach a specific page on your website and don’t convert you can now place a pixel on your website which will populate a user pool on Facebook and look for those people on Facebook and re-target them with an ad of your choice.

You can select pages you want to include in each Website Custom Audience, and exclude others – e.g. if you want to include all visitors to your website but exclude any that bought from you, this is possible. The same possibilities exist for those who install your Mobile App. An advertiser can re-target users who installed your app but didn’t make a purchase on it, or perhaps they did buy something on it and you simply want to re-target them with other types of apps they might be interested in.

I feel this is a very exciting opportunity for advertisers as it now allows you to reach out to a Facebook audience already interested and attract them back. Whether it is acquiring a new customer or retaining a loyal one, the possibilities are great for advertisers with this new feature!