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Easter Eggs and Dr Who’s Tardis

by Faye Daffarn | 27.01.2014
I was driving through Earl’s Court on Saturday night when I spotted Dr Who’s Tardis outside the tube station:

Tardis outside Earls Court

Tardis outside Earls Court

Not your usual sighting for sure, and no I hadn’t been drinking!  A quick search online revealed it is one of those fabulous hidden secrets tucked away by bored developers known as ‘Easter Eggs’.

This one in particular lets you explore inside the Tardis by clicking on the double arrows you can see at street level view on Google Maps:


Click on the double arrows

I went in and had a look around, not much to report.  You use the arrows to navigate around and have a look at the dials and instruments. No sightings of Daleks or indeed the Time Lord himself but fun nonetheless!

There’s a full list of Google Easter Eggs on a dedicated Wikipedia page but try a search for ‘Atari Breakout’ on Google Images, or ‘do the Harlem shake’ on YouTube.

Happy hunting!