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How does your Brand measure against the competition?

by Jennifer Wood | 23.01.2014
How does your brand deliver the expectations they deem fit and do they take into full consideration the needs of their consumers? A new consumer brand study, recently published by Edelman, identifies the link between effective brand sharing and business value.

Within the study, brandshare™ measured six dimensions of sharing – shared dialog, shared experience, shared goals, shared values, shared product and shared history. Of the 11,000 people, across eight countries, who took part in the study 90% of people wanted marketers to share their brands more effectively.


When analysing the results, the top 3 most important ways in which a brand can build and maintain a connection with its customers includes; offering information on how a brand performs against its competitors, communicating openly and transparently about how products are sourced and most of all by inviting customers to voice their needs.
There is also clear evidence that people reward brands that share and 40% people want your brand to engage in more meaningful conversations with them. This could include allowing people to ask questions and give their opinions, invite people to people to share stories/experiences using their products & services with others, or allowing people to share stories and videos with friends.

How can brands do this?

Brands can effectively share their brand whilst improving their business value by creating and distributing content across their social channels. It is important that you know your audience and keep up to date with their interest; you can do this simply by following other community pages that your fans engage with.

Share events and experiences – no matter how insignificant they may seem, from sharing a competition to enjoying a company day out, try and make every occasion noteworthy.

Communicate openly about your brand and include details about how your product was sourced, display the ethos of your brand and give back to the community.

Most importantly let people engage and have their say!


Reward your fans – Bombardier Beer posts a competition to their Facebook page rewarding their loyal comrades.


Share your experiences – Tug updates their Facebook page with upcoming agency events and days out.