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Tug Christmas Holidays Photo Round Up

by Carlo Pandian | 09.01.2014
Happy New Year again! This is a random list of photos from some of the Tug superstars. A slideshow of family lunches, expats going back home and fancy jumpers.

For explanations of the photos, 

Christmas in Martinique, French West Indies.
Full disclosure: this is from 2 years ago, but it’s way better than any photos I have of Christmas in London! This is an almost hidden beach in Sainte-Anne – you either hike there or arrive on a catamaran, so it’s much quieter than other beaches in the area. The man in the photo found an abandoned shed in the background and started selling snacks and drinks to people who came by on boats. So enterprising!

Dave P.
No matter how much you spend on your loved ones, and no matter what you receive in return, there is no greater gift than sharing a baby’s first ever Christmas morning

Ben Romberg
Spotted Christmas cracker jokes in Private Eye – George Osborne edition attached

Traditional houses and snowing in Val di Rabbi (on the Italian side of the Alps)

My Dad in his really cool christmas jumper I got him. He wore it all day…

A great day in the Swan Valley Brewery – Australia

A few of us went to stay in a remote little cottage in the middle of Snowdonia national park, Wales, for Christmas. We had a real fire, and lots of wine and food, and had a proper traditional Christmas dinner centred around a goose which we got from an organic farm in the village. The cottage was up on a hill surrounded by fields with loads of sheep, and the next house was a 10 minute walk away so we were quite rural! We had lots of walks and watched the sun sets, and felt quite wholesome to be honest!

Christmas meal, roast potatoes, Turkey, stuffing, brussel sprouts and roasted carrots

I was lucky enough to spend Christmas back home in south of France. I’m happy to show you 2 cities part of the Roman empire; Arles my hometown, and Nîmes (where I quickly snapped a picture from the Ferris wheel! Pretty scary though!) have splendid remains from Roman times.