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Social Networks – ‘The Innovation of Loneliness’

by Jennifer Wood | 26.09.2013
This week is Social Media week in London. Yesterday our Social Media Director, Ben Romberg, talked about lecturer and media theorist Marshall McLuhan.

Ben spoke of McLuhan’s overarching message in his book ‘The Medium is the Message,’ in which he argues that each medium produces a different effect on our 5 senses, including the mental self and how these are constantly extended as technology develops.

I thought this was a great topic to present as it fuelled the audience’s participation and furthered the discussion, allowing people to voice their thoughts on both the positive and negative impacts of social media. This led me to a video by Shimi Cohen who recently created a video entitled ‘The Innovation of Loneliness.’ The video explores the connection between social networks and loneliness. It’s a short, clever video that illustrates how social networks have evolved and transformed human beings.

Ring a bell?

That’s because all media, according to McLuhan, ‘are extensions of man that cause deep and lasting changes in him and transform his environment.’

The debate continues – is this ‘lasting change’ within us and our surroundings for the better, or are we lonelier then ever?