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Social Media Week 2013

by Ben Romberg | 23.09.2013
This week is Social Media Week in London with a range of events taking place including two presentations here in our Shoreditch office!  This years theme is Open & Connected reflecting on the global impact of social media and its role as a catalyst in driving cultural, political, economic and social change. Tug are delivering two presentations this week around this topic.

Marshall McLuhan and Social Media – Wednesday 25th September 2013

The first looks at Canada’s famous theorist, Marshall McLuhan, who was of the belief that media acts as an extension of a persons sense or perception e.g. hearing, sight, touch etc. which is even more relevant in the age of social media. The emergence of social media marketing becomes a lot clearer when looking at it from his revolutionary perspective.

How to Build a Social Media Community from Scratch – Friday 27th September 2013

Building a robust community on social media can often be an expensive and time-consuming prospect. Targeting, audience profiling, brand tone of voice and conversational planning are all key parts to getting the community right from the get-go. Tug recently undertook the task of building the social media community for Bombardier Beer, creating one of the largest ale communities on Facebook. In this presentation we show what needs to be considered and how we got Bombardier’s community from 0 – 75,000 fans.

To view the full schedule for Social Media Week, click here:

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