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Bing “keyword” Blunder

by James Jarrett | 23.09.2013
I just saw a post on The WordStream Blog where they found if you type “keyword” in the  Bing search engine you basically get irrelevant sponsored ad results.

Bearing in mind the post was released June 2012 I thought I’d give it a try to see if this was still the case. Here’s what came up.


bing blunder

Amongst the ads, there’s one for Hair & Beauty offers, a Paintballing ad and one Luxury Resort & Spa in Majorca. So 3 out of 5 are totally irrelevant. In fairness the Paintballing ad has Keyword as their title (possible Dynamic Keyword Insertion fail), also there’s the case that these companies are wasting money by accidentally bidding on the term “keyword”, but what does this say about Bing as a search engine?