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Now measure offline sales with Adwords Conversion Import

by James Jarrett | 11.09.2013
As everyone knows, there’s been no easy way for Adwords to measure and optimise for events that happen beyond a website (things that occur offline), i.e a customer order taken over the phone etc.

However, Google has now launched the new Adwords Conversion Import feature, which allows you to measure and optimise for the complete conversion path from click to sale over the phone, so that you’ll be able to upload the details into Adwords. The image below shows how the new tool works from start to finish.

adw conv impo

Google provide further information here about how to go about setting everything up: Other software solution providers such as Marketo, Mongoose Metrics and Sugar CRM have also posted guides on how to integrate this new feature.

Also, since your offline conversion events will be incorporated into your existing AdWords conversion data, tools such as Search Funnels, Automated Rules and Flexible Bid Strategies can leverage that data

Google claim ‘our product roadmap has lots of improvements and new features aimed at providing a more complete picture of your customers’ journey and more accurate measure of ads effectiveness across devices and across channels.’ So let’s see what else they come up with.