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Catfish got your tongue?

by Jennifer Wood | 10.09.2013
If you have seen Catfish: The Movie then you may be familiar with Catfish: The TV Show. If not then have no fear as season 2 has recently begun on MTV.


What on earth is a Catfish you ask? Well, the definition is as follows – ‘a person who creates (a) fake personal profile(s) pretending to be someone they are not’ and generally someone who the catfish feels is outwardly more appealing than their true selves.

The Catfish you might find on the internet often embark on building a relationship with other people online, some developing into what one or both parties deem to be a serious relationship. Well, as life has it, those in a ‘relationship’ with a catfish soon become suspicious of the fact that they haven’t even seen each other in person/via Skype, or let alone – wait for it – spoken on the phone! Others on the show even make the ‘wise’ decision of giving their virtual partners their financial details.

Come on people!

So, as the TV show explains, not every Catfish is a false person – just don’t get caught out! It also shows how careful you should be when creating social profiles, especially to prevent Catfish from stealing your photos and personal information to pose as you online. If you’re worried about your security on social sites, Sophos offers a ‘Facebook Security Best Practices’ Guide so you can adjust your settings and secure your profile.

If you still think your Catfish is ‘the one’ – Nev and Max can help you unveil the truth!

This is the cutest Catfish I could find - they are not pretty!