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A trip to Blackpool

by Sara Correia | 23.08.2013
I’m Sara and I am Tug’s most recent Client Services Director. One of the accounts I take care of is the Merlin group which includes a few different attractions around the UK.  Being new to the account, I have made it my mission to go to all the attractions my client has to offer, so I can better understand what it is visitors are enticed by (I know, hard work!)

So this week I made my way to Blackpool to meet the wonderful team looking after some of the biggest attractions in Blackpool: The Tower, The Blackpool Dungeon and Madame Tussauds. After three hours of sitting on a train I got off at sunny Blackpool with all its tourism, seagulls and fish and chip shops. After my meeting I decided to go up to The Blackpool Tower and appreciate the fantastic 360 views this attraction has to offer. The Tower was built in 1894 and it was inspired by the Eiffel Tower (gasp, I know!), measuring an amazing 518 feet 9 inches.

The first thing that strikes you is the beautiful palatial building with its numerous corridors and gorgeous rooms. By going up a few flights of stairs we arrive at the first part of the Tower experience, where visitors are invited to view a 4D movie. Now, 4D is just a completely different experience, where all your senses are being explored: there was sea spray, the beach smell, smoke, music, great graphics and an overall pleasant experience through the history of Blackpool town and the Tower.

In high spirits I left the cinema and made my way to the elevator to start the ascent to the Tower. The lift takes an amazing 63 seconds to go up to first level where we were immediately confronted with the Skywalk: a 4.15 tonne glass floor and floor to ceiling observation platform where it is possible to enjoy 360 degree views of Blackpool, including the Blackpool Promenade 380ft below our feet.

After enjoying the views and venturing to the top floor I made my way down, passing the beautiful Ballroom, home of many Come Dancing series and Strictly Come Dancing finales. The room takes you back to another era and one can almost picture the great parties it once held.

With not much time left, I said goodbye to the Blackpool Tower and its friendly town and made my way back to busy London. All in all, a great experience that Tug recommends to whoever is visiting Blackpool.

Blackpool TowerThe Blackpool Tower