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3 Nifty Time-saving PPC Tools

by James Jarrett | 15.08.2013
There are a lot of online marketing tools out there, some are pointless, some useful, some costly and some FREE!

Here are three useful free tools found online that could save valuable PPC time.

1) Ad Copy Stats Spreadsheet – A tool created in Excel by Chad Summerhill; uses formulae to perform ad testing that is ‘statistically valid’. You pick the KPI (e.g conversion rate) and choose the ads you want to test, then the tool will tell you the amount of data (imps, clicks, ctr etc.) needed to make the test worthwhile and also the ‘winner/loser’ once you’ve plugged your data into the spreadsheet. You can use as much or as little data as you like.

2) Merge Words – Does what it says on the tin; good for expanding keywords from an excel spreadsheet without using find/replace or merge cells

3) Spyfu – Literally spy on competitors; this allows you to see potential keywords they’re bidding on, what ad copy they use and even their daily Adwords PPC budget and average position. How accurate it is I don’t fully know but after checking it out a little bit, it didn’t seem far off. You have to pay for the full version, so could be better off going with Adgooroo, depending on what Spyfu offer.

There are plenty more, obviously you’ve got all the free Google Adwords tools (Editor, Keyword planner etc.). It’s all about using the right ones for you and your clients/campaigns!