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Change your travel plans with ‘the Departure Roulette’ by Heineken

by Tug Agency | 19.07.2013

Have you ever wanted to go to the airport and get last minute tickets for ANY destination?

You can do so now with Heineken’s new astonishing marketing experience, the ‘Departure Roulette’.

So here’s how it works:

1.     You’re at the airport, minding your own business, waiting for your flight.

2.     You notice the Heineken Departure Roulette

3.     You’re asked if you would change your existing plans for a trip to a more exotic destination. You only have a short time to decide!

4.     If you choose yes you get to now press the Red Button to find where you are going!

If you choose to make this spontaneous decision you’re definitely messing your routine and maybe the course of your life …

What would you do? I think I would probably take the chance!

Watch the YouTube video: Departure Roulette by Heineken