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Volume of internet users in China surges

by Hannah Sinclair | 17.07.2013
Recent data collected at the end of June 2013 has recorded a 10% surge in the number of internet users in China over the past year. Numbers have grown to a staggering 591 million, which accounts to 44% of the country’s population.

This rapid growth has led to a shift in value of the tech market. Baidu, a top search engine in China, is one of the first to make a move offering $1.9 billion for 91 Wireless Websoft, who own two popular app stores within China.

It looks like other brands are also jumping on board looking to target the market. Manchester United launched an account with Sina Weibo, a micro blogging service similar to Twitter, in early July. Sina Weibo now has close to 800 million users and is growing popular across Indonesia and spreading through Asia.

Since 2009 the number of internet users in China has increased by 74.85%. The USA, India, Japan and Brazil join China in the top five countries with the most internet users.

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