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Facebook Canada Opens Office in Montreal

by David Brooks | 10.07.2013
facebook-babyToday, Facebook have announced the launch of an office in Montreal to serve French Canada. The new office will be led by ex Mediacom employee, Sylvain Martel. The new office has been put in place in order to support new advertisers in setting up new campaigns for the French Quebecois consumers. According to Cefrio, 66% of internet users in Quebec are currently Facebook users and Facebook felt the need in order to best understand the market, they needed a foot in the door. Jordan Banks, managing director of Facebook Canada said the following:

“This is a function of what we’ve heard from [the Quebec] market. What we heard loud and clear is, ‘Facebook is becoming more important to us as a brand or, from an agency perspective, to our clients and we need more consistent support and support that understands the nuances of this market,’”. “They wanted us to provide more support and guidance around the market nuances that exist in Quebec and we felt the only way to do that was to be physically present.”

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