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Toronto Coding School Shuts Down

by David Brooks | 25.06.2013

Essential to any growing technology market are web programmers who are able to build websites from the ground up. To date, Canada has been accommodating for this skill in the form of Bitmaker Labs, a Toronto based coding school. However, Bitmaker Labs have taken the decision to shutdown citing lack of proper oversight from the government.

Bitmaker Labs had the following to say:

“The MTCU is concerned with the vocational nature of our program and lack of proper government oversight. Our lawyers have advised us that, to preempt any possible cease and desist order which could negatively impact our ability to teach going forward, we must discontinue operating our web development program immediately.”

However the MTCU came back, suggesting it never told Bitmaker labs to shutdown the program:

“Ontario’s Superintendent of Private Career Colleges is conducting an independent inquiry into the program offered by Bitmaker Labs. No determination has been made regarding the program, no enforcement action has been taken against Bitmaker Labs and the Ministry has not requested that Bitmaker Labs cease offering its program”

Hopefully the two parties are able to agree to keep the school running as this is essential to Canada’s fast growing technology market.

You can find a full statement regarding the shutdown on the Bitmaker Labs website.