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‘Snapkidz’ – The Newest Development from Snapchat

by Jennifer Wood | 25.06.2013
Having recently blogged about Snapchat I thought it would only be wise to quickly talk about their newest developments.

Snapchat has now decided to introduce a service for children in order to expand their fan base. At the moment this service is only available on iOS and targets kids 13 years of age and under.

‘Snapkidz’ allows users to take pictures, add captions and draw on their images just like Snapchat. However, instead of being able to send and receive snaps to other contacts or add friends, users are only allowed to save images to their devices. The reasons for this are obvious as Snapchat has taken precautions to ensure that their younger fans are protected. Nevertheless Snapkidz will no doubt become popular and Snapchat have already announced that if this is the case, then Snapkidz will also become available on Android.

Snapchat continues to grow in popularity as a recent Techcrunch report announced that Snapchat has snapped up ‘$60 million from IVP (Institutional Venture Partners) at an $800 valuation.’

Now that’s what I call snap happy!