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How Social Media and Digital Apps Continue to Awaken our Creativity

by Jennifer Wood | 17.06.2013

I’m Jenny, Client Services Account Executive at Tug, and another addition to the agency!

Developments within Social Media and Digital Apps continue to influence our lives every day particularly with regards to the way we work and communicate with the world. More importantly, I believe, is the way in which we choose to utilise, either professionally or personally, social media and digital apps to our advantage. New apps in particular allow users to awaken their creativity. One app, which no doubt you have already heard of, is called Snapchat. If you haven’t had the chance to experiment with this app yet, in short – Snapchat allows you to send pictures or videos to your contacts for a duration of 10 seconds or less, once the message has been received and opened it is lost forever. (Note – the receiver make take a snapshot of your image – so beware!) Apps like this are great as they allow you to personalise your image by allowing you to add text and draw on the image in a paint-like fashion. Moreover you have the ability to create any image you want – depending what your friends are like this could become a problem! Nevertheless, developments like these spark people’s imagination, which I think is great.

The online magazine, Fast Company, recently issued an article entitled ‘How Twitter is Reshaping the Future of Storytelling’ and illustrates how each tweet of 140 characters can be the start of a story worth sharing and even bring success (such as the parody twitter account @Queen_UK that quickly became a media phenomenon – it’s worth checking out for a laugh). Furthermore, in America tweets are being ‘archived by the Library of Congress,’ so what you have to say and the way you wish to present yourself or your company to the world is becoming increasingly important. Moreover with regards to social media, particularly from a business perspective, it is essential to ask oneself how do I keep my followers engaged and what creative tools can I use in order to do so?

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