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Tug Speaking at SES Toronto – Social Search

by David Brooks | 12.06.2013

SES Toronto 2013

Tug recently launched the Canadian arm to the business and on Thursday Nick Beck will be speaking at SES Toronto about Social Search.

Nick will be speaking alongside Michelle Ross who is CEO/Lead Consultant for Firestarter Social Media.

Developing an Integrated Social Search Strategy

Brands that seek performance from social media must embrace the dynamic between social and search. If search marketing is all about delivering value from consumer intent, social is about delivering value from consumer interest. Search marketers must understand the dynamic between search and social where interest begets intent and intent reinforces interest. This presentation will discuss:

  • How to develop an integrated social-search strategy.
  • Key points of crossover between search and social marketing.
  • Ideas for achieving synergy and efficiency between both channels with actionable strategic frameworks.
  • The importance of combined measurement and analytics strategy.
  • Client examples from some of the world’s most revered brands.