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Job Seeking and Social Media: An Interview with Ekaterina Besedina

by Carlo Pandian | 07.06.2013
Thursday 6th June, 2013 – As usual before going for lunch, I opened my Facebook page to see what’s going on and I noticed the following Facebook Ad:

Hire Kate - Facebook Ads

I thought I couldn’t loose the opportunity to get in touch with her and see what she is like, as well as to find out more about her job interview strategy. Below, Kate answers some questions in her own words.

1) Hi Kate, tell us a little more about what you like and a couple of things you love about social media.

Well, first of all, social media is the fastest way to get new information, through the likes of Twitter.
Also social media provides a direct link between consumers and brands, which has never existed before.

2) There are a lot of candidates seeking jobs who have access to social media, so I really love your idea to stand out of the crowd, could you tell us a bit more about your job seeking strategy and what you are doing to gain exposure as a candidate?

Last year I was looking for a marketing internship without having much experience. Also, having studied politics, I was not necessarily the ideal candidate for a position in marketing and decided to find more creative ways of finding a job.
I saw one guy in the US using Facebook Ads to find a job and I also came across another girl on Twitter using #HireHannah to promote herself. I got inspired and decided to create a website “Hire Kate” and a Facebook Ad. Afterwards, things went really quickly and agencies started following me on Twitter and asked me to go for interviews.

This year I decided to use the same strategy but now I’m looking for a permanent job position. Also, later I’m thinking of adding some videos to the website as well, so potential employers can get to know me better.

3) Facebook Advertisement and targeting – who were you trying to target during your campaign and what are you looking for in your next employer?

I targeted people living in the UK between the ages of 26-54 with a degree. Then I used around 20 key words like “marketing,” “enterprise” and “advertising.”

I’m now looking to work for an advertising agency that works with tech brands or an actual tech brand. Later, I would really like to go into technology and learn to code, so working alongside these companies would allow me to see how the industry works.

4) Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions! Just leave us your best social media tips for our blog readers! 

The best tip is to just be yourself and be honest, and don’t afraid to be funny.

Feel free to get in touch with her @Kate_Bes

Good Luck with the Job Hunt!