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Give us a smile!

by Hannah Sinclair | 07.06.2013
Google has recently patented facial passwords which aims to boost Android security.

Instead of the traditional mixture of letters and numbers, cap locks and random characters, Google is opting for users to pull a series of faces to unlock their accounts.

Requests may now include a combination of the following:

–          A frown

–          A tongue protrusion

–          An open-mouth smile

–          A forehead wrinkle

–          An eyebrow movement

Google, however came under scrutiny last year when the ‘liveness check’ was introduced which required the user to blink in order to prevent software being outsmarted by photos. However, Google was beaten when a researcher learnt that by using graphics editors to match skin tones, he was able to simply draw fake eyelids and eyelashes.

Will Google be outwitted again?