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Social Media – Vital for Fashion

by Tug Agency | 05.06.2013
Hi, I’m Sabrina and I’ve just joined Tug’s Social Media Team. It is wonderful to be able to share my thoughts and findings on here, I hope you will enjoy them!

The importance of Social Media is now unarguable and for my first blog I want to discuss its ever-increasing influence on Fashion.

As we all know, in today’s online world a key step for a brand is to develop its social media activities, to be able to engage consumers. With regards to fashion, this is even more crucial. There are numerous ways to develop and support a brand’s social media strategy. In order to define and refine a brand’s identity it is essential to integrate all the marketing channels collectively. More than anything, brands must create Facebook and Twitter pages that resemble themselves. Their social media platforms must be mirrors of their brick-and-mortar stores and transactional websites and need to reflect their overall strategy.

Engaging the public with the brand is the main objective and this has been working very well for a few well-known fashion brands. In recent years Burberry had focused largely on social media, which is evident from their successes as one of the first true fashion brands to achieve 10 million likes on Facebook! That was back in 2012. They have now over 15 million likes (+ 50%).

 Its greatest competitive advantage in social media is its focus on content:

  •    Burberry’s much anticipated and iconic catwalk shows are now streamed live on YouTube, Twitter & Facebook.
  •    Their social media platforms are very rich in video content; they have accompanying music videos, ad campaigns and many interviews with key personnel like CCO, Christopher Bailey.

High End & Luxury Fashion labels are now trying to catch up, the link between Burberry’s successes and pioneering campaigns incorporating Social Media are a testimony to their power.

Currently, Burberry is a leader in social media for luxury fashion but it will be interesting to see if they will remain on top. Let’s see how they perform against their competitors such as Gucci, LV or Dior in the next few months.

Burberry Social Media stats March 2013