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Tracking your keywords with a reliable tool.

by JonJon Yeung | 03.06.2013
There are hundreds of tools in the SEO world. Fishing for the right one would take you some time. It is essential to have a tool which is reliable in order to track your keywords and a good keyword tracker will make your life easier. The importance of having a tool which you can access with ease and maintain your campaigns efficiently is critical. It can cost you or your client valuable data and information if the tool is not logging the correct information it is supposed to.

When working in an agency and managing multiple accounts, speed is a factor you will need to take into consideration when choosing the right tool; this is where Advanced Web Ranking (AWR) comes into place. Unfortunately, not all tools perform consistently and obtain the correct positions from search engines, as obtaining keyword positions from search engines can be a tricky task as they are protected from automated queries. Search engines have a system which prevents these queries because it can potentially eat up a lot of processing power and bandwidth. The system prevents/blocks a certain IP temporarily to control and maintain the process to a steady flow. To combat this, Advanced Web Ranking has a technology in place which automatically controls the queries so that your IP is not banned, and you can add your own proxies as well. Advanced Web Ranking also has a delay function which you can adjust between your queries, although this isn’t recommended.

Not every keyword tool is perfect but from having tested a number of tools I feel Advanced Web Ranking is one of the best tools available because it is efficient and does the job well. You can easily kick start a new campaign (known as project) by simply adding your website and keywords you wish to monitor.

Advanced Web Rankings Benefits:

  • Scheduled Updates – You can arrange and setup scheduled dates for when you want a certain campaign to update automatically, this way you can make sure the keyword positions are updated just before you get into the office.
  • Competitor Analysis tracking – Once you have setup your campaign, Advanced Web Ranking automatically inputs competitors for you to track and the majority of the time these are correct.
  • Import Google Analytics – You can connect your Google Analytics to your campaigns and grab the data to easily monitor how much traffic each keyword is driving.
  • Cross Market Analysis – You can monitor search engines from a range of countries, this way you can compare and monitor your keywords from different countries search engines.
  • Social Tracking – you can connect your social profiles to your campaign and monitor the activity as well.

To sum up, Advanced Web Ranking is a tool worth considering because it’s a reliable and easy to use tool. The pricing is also reasonable; with a one off payment ranging from $99-$1499 you get to obtain a lifetime license. The blog is also regularly updated with helpful articles.

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