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The London Dungeons Late

by Anna Downham | 17.05.2013
Yesterday The Dungeons Tug team went along to the new London Dungeons on the Southbank to experience their second Adult late night – Strictly Over 18’s.

After queuing for a short time with rats to the left of us, a cockney peasant hurling abuse to the right and a glass of wine in hand, we were KIND OF ready for the experience….

The journey starts by taking you through the haunted times of Henry VIII, a pitch black boat journey which jolts you through the Dungeons, including a special appearance from Brian Blessed as Henry VIII.

The other shows include visiting “the Judge” where you have to prove you’re not a traitor in court, to Jack the Ripper stalking you through a desolate Whitechapel. Each corner held a nasty surprise, such as projectile vomit and alleys which are filled with the stench of the plague, unless you were in Ms Lovett’s pie shop, which surprisingly smelled quite nice..

After a chilling experience through the darkness, you’re led to a dungeon bar with the soundtrack of a peasant playing the harp, the ambience is surreal and it is certainly time for another drink !

Definitely worth a visit and a great alternative date night!

Check out the new ‘London Dungeons lates’ show.