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Way Back Wednesday:

by Chris Mead | 01.05.2013
Welcome back to another week of Way Back Wednesday! This week we’re checking out the popular social news site

The site has seen incredible growth since its launch in 2005, evident through its Alexa ranking (122) the number of subredditsand active communities.

What is interesting from the screenshots below is how its initial user base back in 2005, socially rated and voted up a number of perhaps interesting – but arguably not very news worthy (in the context of traditional news) items, for example “self-cleaning buildings” and “Rubiks cube solver.” These types of news items rated highly were a sign of things to come on the website – a foreshadowing of its inevitable growth and types of communities perhaps.

Did any of the news items from 2005 catch your attention? Let us know on Facebook!

Reddit website evolved