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Way Back Wednesday:

by Chris Mead | 24.04.2013
It’s Way Back Wednesday – and we’re setting our time machine’s clock to the year 2000 as we venture off to discover the developments of

You  might well be the keen movie addict regularly scouring the site for the unheard of title no one will ever watch – or you could fit into the more common bracket of visitors – those  looking for a “good”  movie to watch on a rainy day in. Either way, IMDB is a website many have grown accustomed to – allowing it to sit comfortably in 53rd place on

The site has come a long way in terms of UX (User experience) which is nowadays considered the be all and end all of websites. Heavy text based content has now been replaced with easier to digest images and the top menu is now condensed. The biggest difference between both sites however, and what struck me, is Amazon‘s less obvious presence in comparison to the 2000 site – at least on the homepage (and out of sight).

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IMDB website evolved