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AppNexus – What’s Next?

by James Jarrett | 11.04.2013
Hi guys, I think it’s about time I introduced myself on the Tug blog. As new as I am to the company I want to share something that’s new to me… AppNexus! Hopefully this post will give you and I a better understanding of what it’s capable of.

As many of you might already know, AppNexus is one of the most advanced platforms for buying real-time online advertising, we currently use it to set up and track some of our Display Network campaigns. The brilliant thing about AppNexus is being able to integrate several apps (as the name suggests) to improve targeting, analytics creative development and more.

Here’s my Top 5 apps, in no particular order!


grapeshot application Grapeshot – clever Keyword App that we already use at Tug and I won’t go into detail about it. Here are a couple of other useful apps we might find handy though!

BlueKai audience creator app logo BlueKai – Audience Creator App.  Lets you define, create and reach your target audience using data from its vast data exchange. Advantages: Audience data is de-duplicated so you never hit the same user twice.  You can set “data freshness” to determine how recently your users were tagged to accurately forecast reach.

media intelligence app Aggregate Knowledge – Media Intelligence App. It connects data and media from all channels on one platform. Advantages: It’s apparently the only data management solution to combine both media and audience data, allowing marketers to allocate budgets more effectively – the result? Increased reach, more conversions and improved media spend efficiency.

retargetting app icon Adocado – Dynamic Creative Re-targeting App. Creates and serves ads using smart algorithms and a fully automated process to regularly update ad content. Advantages: Self explanatory – will minimize time spending and involvement, but keep ads fresh (essential in re-targeting).

glow machine app Glow Digital – Glow Machine App. A leading ad tech platform designed to understand and improve Facebook campaigns. Advantages: Quick and easy campaign creation, audience segment storage, plus multiple ads can be automatically duplicated and submitted. If its less ‘buggy’ than what we use already we’re in for a winner here!


Anymore suggestions?