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Search Trend Thursday: “Man Utd vs Man City”

by Chris Mead | 04.04.2013
We’ve taken a more sporty theme in this week’s edition of Search Trend Thursday – pitting the Manchester football clubs against each other in a “search derby”.

Interestingly, both clubs garner most of their searches from Africa, with Eritrea dominating the results for Manchester United, and Zimbabwe coming up trumps for Manchester City.

Either way, Manchester City’s poor run of late is reflected in its search results too, and despite the oil fueled success of last season the Red Devils still lead the way both on and off the pitch.

It should come as no surprise really, with Manchester United’s strong global brand built up through the last few decades – however – in terms of social media use, I have to say Manchester City are innovative in engaging their fans, with webcam tunnels a particular highlight (worth YouTubing).

So are you a sky blue, red – or neither?


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