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Search Trend Thursday: Liam vs Noel Gallagher

by Chris Mead | 07.03.2013
Thanks for tuning into another round of Search Trend Thursday – where we explore the web interest surrounding intriguing keywords of our choosing.

This week we’ve decided to reignite a sibling rivalry of old in the form of Noel and Liam Gallagher, who many will know well. If you don’t, this article gives you a nice summary of their rift(s).

When Noel began making large strides towards the top of the UK charts in 2011, Liam caused a PR stir by filing a high court action- and amusingly, this is  reflected in the web interest screenshot below.

Noel seems to garner the most interest from Paraguay, while Liam’s interest is predominantly from the UK but what’s even more fitting is the fact that while I write, this both brothers sit on exactly the same level of web interest. Now ain’t that cute?

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