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Search Trend Thursday: Oscars

by Chris Mead | 21.02.2013
Welcome back to another weekly edition of Search Trend Thursday! With only three days to go until the Oscars, it seemed only fair we give it the “spotlight.”

The United States is the leader in regional interest (as many might expect), but this year Ireland follows closely in behind. What’s particularly interesting is the lack of Asian nations interested in the Oscars online, which is something that I did not expect (considering my expertise in showbiz).

The question is, could this year see a record low interest in the Oscars? Considering just how accessible news to the Oscars is thanks to the pervasiveness of new media – you might expect an increasing interest yearly, especially as these web interest stats are global.

Yet, unlike any other year since 2004 – we’re seeing a dip in the build up to the Oscars. We’ll have to wait and see if it actually materialises into an all-time low in a few days time.

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