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Search Trend Thursday: Valentines Day

by Chris Mead | 14.02.2013

Welcome to another edition of Search Trend Thursday! And if you can’t guess what the theme is this week from the title alone, then I present to you the miserable cat representative of how many people feel today (not me though, honest).

If you’re unaware of what we do on Thursdays, we chuck keywords into the glorious tool that is Google Trends, and hope for awesome results.

Looking at this week’s screenshot- it looks like it could be a bad year for Valentines lovers, with fewer people taking an interest in the subject in comparison to the revival boom in 2012.

Though not clearly visible in the image below,  the highest search volume actually originates from Fiji, with the Americans and South Africans narrowly trailing behind. So what have we learned? Well, Fiji might well be the place to be for romance tonight.

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